Camera Giveaway 2018

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  If you have see my instagram feed recently, you would have noticed that I put up the above image for a camera giveaway. This is not spam and my account did not get hacked! I am in fact a part of a giveaway where you can win a sony a6000 camera. Not to mention other prizes just for sharing like a preset bundle with over 70 lightroom presets!! The big thing here is that you have to share to win. Get yourself signed up and then get your unique referral link. Then share that with your friends and mailing lists. The more you share, the more chances that you have to win. Not to mention, that once you share and get 3 other people to sign up, you get the preset bundle for free.  That alone is worth it right there. It is seriously that easy. Not to mention that  you get some really great presets from not just me but from other great photographers like Andrew Gibson, Peter DeMarco, Justin...

Goodbye 2016

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  If you have read this blog for a while then you might have noticed that I didn’t post all that much in 2016. The truth was that I was busy and if you read my last post, you would have found out that I was not really in the best state of mind for much of the year. However, that does not mean that the year was all bad. There was actually quite a lot of good stuff that happened. This is what I am going to focus on here as this is the end of the year here in Korea and I am looking forward to a better and more happy 2017. The year started with me coming to terms with the passing of my best friends and mentor, Dave Harvey. I wrote about him near to the end of 2015 but it really started to hit me throughout 2016. I felt that this was one of my key struggles in 2016 as the sadness felt like an anchor to everything that I wanted to achieve. However, as time passed I knew that Dave...

Flashlight Workshop Gyeongju

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When it comes to workshops on photography (in English) you have very limited options in Korea. Outside of Seoul, your options almost drop to zero (I am working on changing that very soon). However, Dylan Goldby and Andy Faulk decided to change all that by putting together a workshop in the historic city of Gyeongju this past weekend. I had a chance to meet up with them and check these guys in action as they gave out their photographic secrets by the boatload. Few workshops in Korea give you the opportunity to be taught by some of the most successful working photographers in the country. Dylan is constantly working with different magazines and businesses as a kick-ass pro photographer. If you pick up a copy of groove magazine chances you will see his work on the cover. Andy’s work can be seen in just as many places and his portrait photography is second to none. For this course,...

Peter DeMarco on Photo Contests

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Let’s face it, the idea of winning a photo contest and getting a the top prize is pretty tempting. They are designed that way or else no one would enter. You get the feeling of satisfaction that your photo was chosen over all the others and you get a nice chunk of change for your hard work. What could be better than that? However, these days when pretty much everyone who picks up a camera and shoots a sunset is entering contests and hoping for that grand prize. Not to mention with so many photos pouring in, Companies can easily abuse or mislead the contest entrants. In some cases not only do contests take your photos but your money as well! It is a win-win situation for THEM! Recently, I asked Peter DeMarco to share some advice on entering photo contests. In 2012, Pete won the Busan Tourism Photography Contest as well as a merit award in the National Geographic Traveler Photo...

The Perfect Other Job for a Photographer in Korea

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As I briefly mentioned before, I teach English at a university here in Korea. This job is well suited for creatives and photographer who are working abroad and need to balance work life with their photo life. I say this because many of us are not quite pro yet and need a visa in order to work in Korea. After spending 10 years here in Korea and working up from hogwans to public school, and now at a university I feel that I can finally take advantage of my days. However, the question that I get a lot is “how did I get this job?” Before I get into that, let’s look at why this job is so well suited for a photographer. The first  thing that we must consider are the hours. When I was working at a middle school I would almost cry sometimes as I would be stuck in my mandatory after-school class, looking out the window at an epic sunset. Then the salt in the wounds would come...

CNN Travel Love

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Recently, CNN published an article written by the legendary Peter DeMarco. The article was delayed a bit due to the ferry accident however, it went live last week and it was a nice surprise. I have to really thank Peter for writing such a great article and getting us even more exposure for our work. What shocked me most was that on the day that the article went live they used my photo as their back for the travel page and on their twitter page too which really made me happy. This is the right kind of exposure that you want to get as it will get people out your way much more than a local band or something would. 50 foreign photographers recently shared their fav snaps of South Korea. Here are the best: http://t.co/qrSdcczmDi pic.twitter.com/PVqgxDYVlo — CNN Travel (@CNNTravel) May 5, 2014 At any rate, I am very happy with  the article and the exhibition. Again I have to thank Peter for...

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