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How to use Evernote for Photography

By on Feb 2, 2014 in Blogs, Photography, Reviews | 0 comments

I used to be a pen and paper kind of photographer. That means that a lot of my thoughts, ideas, location picks, designs and whatnot were scattered across countless notebooks. I used to have one dedicated “photo notebook” but it was just never where I wanted it. When I needed to write something down, I reached for the first notebook that I saw and scribbled something down. The problem was that when I needed to see what I wrote, especially out in the field I a) didn’t/never had the same notebook or b) didn’t bring one at all. So I must admit that it was a long process to adopt and accept Evernote as my medium for holding my photo ideas and whatnot. I will also state that it did take a bit of training to force myself not to revert back to the my notebooks as I do love a good pen and some fine paper. However, the usefulness  of Evernote is growing on me and the more...

The Story behind “The Anapji Shot”

By on Nov 28, 2013 in Blogs, Photography | 1 comment

Every time you take a good picture, regardless of your standing in the photographic world, you will have somebody say “This photo should be in National Geographic!” It is a common statement as in the West as we regard National Geographic as the standard of excellence in photography. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would get an email requesting one of my photos to be used in a National Geographic book. It happened sometime ago and I kept it quiet for the reason that I pretty much couldn’t believe the situation. Soon after I sent the image and got confirmation there was a long silence. Finally, I check the National Geographic site to see that the book was on pre-order for the beginning of October (it is now for sale here). Again, I kept it on the down-low because I was sure that they would have put this in the back somewhere with a label like...

Busan Fireworks Festival 2013

By on Oct 29, 2013 in Blogs, Korea, Photography | 6 comments

For years now I have drooled over the shots of the Gwangan Bridge ablaze with fireworks. I tried to get in position but the crowds and the traffic threw me off. My wife and I got close last year but gave up in the end when the police started moving everyone back. Thus, all we got to see were the backs of peoples heads. This year, I was lucky in enough to meet an American photographer living in Busan. Keith Homan of Homank Photography graciously invited me up to the rooftop viewing area in his building to get a great view of the show. High above the crowds we were treated to a great show. Looking down at the gridlock that stretched from Gwangali to all directions, I couldn’t help but feel bad for the people stuck in traffic. The traffic did not budge for a large portion of the show and you could tell from the honks that people were getting frustrated. The subway was also...

Making a Website with Rapidweaver 5

By on Sep 9, 2013 in Blogs, Photography, Reviews | 0 comments

One of the biggest challenges in photography is not so much photography but the marketing and tech side of things. Recently, I have taken to updating my website because these days I do so much work on my blog that I almost completely forgot that I ALSO have a website. I know that sound strange but it is true. The site part of my “site” that should have a portfolio and whatnot is just there. So I sat down and thought about what is the best way to put my photos across and came to the realization about photo-sites. They are not so much for showing your work but to establish your “serious” intent to be a photographer. This seems like a stretchy, but here me out. These days everyone can be a blogger,  photographer, social media icon, etc. Photo sharing sites like flickr host a wide range of talents and not all people actually think of themselves as a serious...

Photography eBook Reviews

By on Mar 29, 2013 in Blogs, Reviews | 2 comments

  For those like me who have tried to sort through the thousands of photography eBooks out there and had a few hits and a lot of misses when it comes to helpful eBooks, Griffin Stewart and I have set out to help. This week we launched “Photography eBook Reviews” which is a brand new site that seeks to give you a better idea of the eBook before you purchase it.   We have assembled a great team for the initial start and are expanding on that to include even more talented reviewers. We have tried to keep the backgrounds as varied as much as possible from amateur to pro photographers from South Africa to Canada in order to give a more rounded perspective for each ebook.   The overall goal  of our new site is create a library of posts for every eBook related to photography on the market today. We also want to provide a fair review in the most unbiased way so that...

What Makes a Photographer?

By on Mar 24, 2013 in Blogs, Photography | 9 comments

The statement goes “You are Not a Photographer. You just have an overpriced camera” That was the graphic that peeked my interest in the short lived discussion that I was eavesdropping on. The OP or original poster put most of the people that he saw with DSLR cameras into this category. A little irked by this blanket statement that could very well apply to me, I turned to the world’s largest photography forum… Google+ I posted the question to the world and in one afternoon generated about a hundred comments and had even the likes of Jay Patel chimed in on the debate. So what is your take on this? For this post I am going to go into depths of the comments from Google+ and that of my own weary brain to try and answers this over-thought question. Collins Dictionary defines “Photographer” as: (noun) a person who takes photographs, either as a hobby or a...

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