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The Complete Photography Bundle 2019

By on Oct 6, 2019 in Photography | 0 comments

If you have followed my blog over the years then you would know that I absolutely love the people behind the 5DayDeal. Griffin and Valerie are some of the kindest and most giving people that you will ever encounter. That being said, it should come as no surprise that the 5DayDeal is one of the best are most generous businesses out there. They have donated a ton of money to charities over the years and that is also why I love being a part of their bundle sales. This year is better than ever as they have a to of great stuff in the Complete Photography Bundle this year. I will go there some of the best stuff that I think you will like. Click here to see everything included in the sale Aurora HDR 2019 The entire bundle costs less than a standalone copy of Skylum’s Aurora HDR 2019. That alone should be one of the top reasons to buy this year’s bundle. However, if you are new to...

How I Plan for Travel Photography

By on Sep 29, 2019 in Photography | 0 comments

In the past, I would simply grab my camera with a collection of lenses and fly off to some random location. I thought that this was the easiest way to get a good assortment of photos with the least amount of stress. As you can imagine, this didn’t work out most of the time. For years I had wanted to get a cityscape shot of Tokyo. For this shot I talked to a couple of YouTube vloggers and found the best place to go. Over the past few years, I have refined my trip planning down to where I can get the photos that I want and also get to the right places at the right time. This is not a fool proof plan as you also have to deal with weather and transportation issues, but it does put you on the right path. Research This is the first stage of the game. You have to have an idea of what you want to shoot and where you need to go. So start with the “what” and then move on to the...

72 Hours in Tokyo with the Canon EOS R

By on Sep 22, 2019 in Photography | 2 comments

With the announcement that Canon’s pro level mirrorless would be coming out at some point in the next year around the Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo, I couldn’t wait any longer. I gave in and bought the EOS R. I resisted the urge to pick up the 5D mk IV and picked up a drone last year as I felt that I could squeeze a few more years out on my 5D mk III. With a rebate and all the discounts that come along with shopping on Korean duty-free sites, I managed to snag the camera for close to $800 off the original price. The Context I was worried that I had jumped the gun. I was concerned that when the new “Pro Level” body came out that I would be left with buyer’s remorse after picking up the “old body” too late in the game. However, I needed a new camera. One that could keep up with the projects that I have on the go and future work that would meet...

5 Mistakes Every Beginner Photographer Makes

By on Sep 3, 2019 in Photography, Theory Thursday | 0 comments

1.Not Planning Your Shots This is one that I noticed a lot from people who just get their cameras. There is that old adage about “the best camera is the one that is with you” which is great but the best shots come from when you are ready and know what to shoot. You maybe thinking “But Jason, what if something truly magical happens? Are you saying that we should already have a plan in place? That’s impossible!” and to that I say “It’s possible because you have to know what you should shoot and how to shoot it” and this is something that can happen in a split second. However, it is that split second that many new photographers skip past when shooting. I see this a lot in areas where tourists congregate. People see a beautiful place and they start clicking away. That 1 second of preparation could make the difference between a card full of...

A Sunset 3 Ways

By on Sep 1, 2019 in Photography | 0 comments

The last couple of nights, the sunsets in my new hometown of Ulsan, South Korea have been no less than epic. I am not sure what it was. The daytime was nothing special, if not a little cloudy. Then, BOOM! the sky was on fire. The Issue The problem that I have here is that I was not in a new location. The fact was that I was battling a severe migraine. I was in no condition to leave my apartment. So I was left with the same view that I always shoot. It’s lazy but it is also nice. Once my headache died down and the muscles in my neck relaxed a bit I had an idea about the shots. I wanted to see what the major differences were between my 3 most common editing styles were. I figured that if I couldn’t change the location, I could at least change the editing. The Idea If you are thinking that this would just a matter of making one black and white and another crazy HDR saturated...

You Don’t Need an Exotic Location for Great Photography

By on Aug 18, 2019 in Getting the Shot, Photography | 2 comments

I often get jealous when I scroll through facebook or Instagram and see the amazing places that people travel to. For some, I am living in an exotic location. However, I feel that I don’t travel as much as I would like these days. I have been here in Ulsan so long that it has become my second home. After 15 years here, there are not too many places that I have not shot. So how do I keep things interesting? How do I find places to photograph? Details We often look at the big picture of exotic locations. The sprawling cityscapes from Dubai or New York. Yet we often forget about the details of our own areas that make life wonderful and the reason why you life where you do. During a recent shoot in Gyeongju, I realized I stuck to just one area. I focussed on the details which in this case were the lotus flowers. There were some many things to photograph. From the people enjoying the...

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