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Welcome 2018, Goodbye 2017

By on Jan 3, 2018 in Photography, Reviews | 0 comments

It is the evening of January 2nd as I write this and I have had a slow but productive weekend. In many ways it was reflective of the past year.  I would say that 2017 was a defining year for myself and my photography. It went by unusually fast but had its share of ups and downs. Without boring you too much, I will go through them as best that I can. At the beginning of the year, I took the blog in a new direction and focussed more on learning than I did in the past. The purpose was to give the blog a stronger focus and align it more to my page that is designed to actually help people learn photography and editing. I dialed in a number of ideas about the theory and business of photography as well as the travel side of things. Little did I know that 2017 was to become one of the hardest years of my photography career. At the beginning of the year, I launched a new...

Getting Advice from Chase Jarvis

By on Jun 24, 2017 in Photography, Reviews, Theory Thursday | 4 comments

About a month or so ago, I saw a link from the legendary, Chase Jarvis to call him and leave a question for his new show. I wanted to hear his answer about my current situation and to find out if he had the chops to answer a real question. I wanted the kind of answer without the usual “lifestyle entrepreneur” mumbo-jumbo of “hustle” or “build your tribe” that so many of these people say. A little while later I commented on one of his posts and got a response from Chase stating something along the lines of “it’s been recorded and will be out soon” or something like that. As any artist knows, the biggest period of stress is when someone famous or important looks at your work. This was one of those times and I immediately started to sweat once the show started. Chase went straight to my site and my tutorials page. From there he started...

The Complete Video Creators Bundle 2017

By on Jun 6, 2017 in Photography, Reviews | 0 comments

While I am primarily a still photographer, since starting into the world of cinemagraphs I have had to learn a lot more about videography. It is a completely different world for me with different programs to use and different ways to express my ideas. Fortunately, the team behind the 5 Day Deal have put together video creators bundle that is out of this world! You could spend countless hours scouring the Internet looking for the right training and tools OR you could be spending that time improving your craft and using proven, high-quality resources to grow your craft and advance your career as a video creator. Don’t waste your time. Don’t waste your money. Get the Complete Video Creators Bundle for just $97. After today this is gone forever. So take the time to invest in yourself. One more time, bundle is finishing in less than 19 hours and this is why I will keep this post...

The 5 Day Deal: Why you should buy it NOW!!

By on Feb 29, 2016 in Photography, Reviews | 0 comments

Every year or so, I write about the 5 Day Deal. I have been an affiliate in the past and I truly enjoyed the entire experience. I opted out this year but am still promoting the event because I truly believe in even without the benefit of being an affiliate. So yes, I even bought the bundle as well because it is that good. Here is why this year I want you to buy it. First and foremost is that it helps real people. This isn’t one of those events where people get rich and then “donate” a tiny bit to some random multinational company charity that then pays a good looking celebrity to make a show on social media donating what’s left of the tiny donation. This money goes to real people who really need it. Learn more about the 5DayDeal Charity partners here. The second reason is that the package this year is actually designed to help you as a photographer grow your...

HDR Masterclass: Serge Ramelli tells his secrets

By on Jan 5, 2016 in Reviews | 0 comments

I have read a lot of books and I have tried to utilize the information that I found. However, some books either explained to much and we’re just boring and others didn’t explain enough and lost me. The HDR masterclass felt just about right. The book flows much in the same way as Serge’s popular YouTube videos do. Allowing you to following along easily and also understand what each step or slider does. Even as a veteran HDR shooter, I learned a few things from this book. For me, I found the book well laid out and very simple to read. It was not as flashy as other books and that allowed me to focus on the content a little more. Keep in mind that I was primarily reading this on my iPad and that could also have been a factor as I feel that iBooks does tend to cut out a lot of distractions in some ways. Serge covers a lot of ground in this ebook and leaves no stone...

Lightroom CC on an OLD Macbook Pro

By on Apr 24, 2015 in Photography, Reviews | 0 comments

Lightroom CC was just released and is getting a lot of hype. Kelby Training did a special webinar on it and posts from photographers have flooded the internet. However, the one major thing that no one answered for me was “Would this new program work on my outdated computer?” This new release of Lightroom is much like Photoshop where it is a separate install. That had me worried a little bit as I knew that at least Lightroom 5 ran on my current system. It is slow but reliable. I had no idea what was going to happen when I installed Lightroom CC. Embarrassingly, I am working on a late 2008 Macbook Pro with 4 gb of ram. Thus, this new version hammers the crap out of the ram. Overall, the installation we smoothly and there were no real snags. I updated the library and everything trudged along, slowly but surely. In the end, it loaded up fine and I was able to see the new...

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