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An Evening in Kyeongju

By on Sep 20, 2015 in Korea, Where to Shoot | 3 comments

For some reason, I kept thinking about heading to Kyeongju and getting some photos. Not really sure why but I could shake the feeling that something good was happening out there. Not sure what I would find, I jumped into my car, heeded my wife’s warning about the traffic and took off. I can’t stress this enough, I had no idea what I wanted to shoot there. I felt like my shots of the Woljeong Bridge were a little boring and so I was heading out that way. However, beyond that I was not really sure what to do. I was just heading out to a beautiful city and hoping for the best and then something caught my eye. The sun was entering the golden hour and it was illuminating the fields alongside the highway in the most beautiful way. It was an elderly farmer that caught my eye as he walked through his field. Wishing that I could just stop and take a shot, I was about to just carry...

What Happened to Nampodong?

By on Dec 30, 2014 in Korea, Photography, Where to Shoot | 0 comments

When I first arrived I was in the company of some extremely talented photographers. They gave me a start into a world that would drain my wallet and fill my heart with joy, almost simultaneously. One of the best areas in Busan that a photographer could go to drain his wallet and walk away with some nice gear was Nampodong. It’s streets were lined with camera shops and underground was full of retro gear. It was a place where you’d give a friendly nod when you saw a camera bag or tripod. As the years past, the camera shops either moved or got smaller. Coffee shops popped up (no problem with that!) as well as fashion outlets, makeup shops and everything else cashed in on the new traffic to the area. One of the busiest times of the year is their annual “Christmas Tree Festival” which basically is when they cover the street with lights and put up a christmas tree...

Put 7 Photographers on a Tiny Island in South Korea and This is the Result

By on Nov 30, 2014 in Korea, Photography, Where to Shoot | 1 comment

Nothing is better than an island getaway with friends, especially when those friends are all excellent photographers. Last week I headed out with some of the best photographers in the area to the tiny island of Somaemuldo. This island is located near Tongyeong but really is isolated from everything. People come to fish (I think??) and just to get away from it all. There is really nothing much on the island but what is there is quaint and nice. There are no cars and no roads on the island. What is there are a few inns and a couple of restaurants. The biggest asset in my mind was the cafe. On an island of this size and this far away from the city you don’t mind paying inflated prices to have a morning cup of joe. Once we got to the island we headed off to the Lighthouse on the other side of the island. There is a land bridge that disappears during the high tide and it is something...

Hongryongsa: Rainbow Dragon Temple

By on Aug 5, 2014 in Korea, Photography, Where to Shoot | 13 comments

I first saw this place posted on the Busan Lightstalkers page and I was interested. Where else can you find a temple next to a flowing waterfall near Ulsan or Busan? I had to investigate further. I searched Dale’s Korean Temple Adventures site, which is my go-to site for temples. It has the most comprehensive listing and detailed descriptions of Korean Temples and it always has what I am looking for. Getting to this temple is really tricky if you don’t have your own set of wheels. It sits up in the mountains of Yangsan and I did not see any signs for buses past the little village. Thus, it is better to catch a ride with someone or even take a taxi up. I did see many taxis waiting around there. Shooting was great and the rush of the Rainbow Dragon Waterfall was amazing. It was unlike any other temple that I have been to in Korea. Not to mention that is was nestled into the...

Tongdosa: Pine Trees Dancing in The Wind

By on Aug 3, 2014 in Korea, Where to Shoot | 0 comments

Few places get to me as much as Tongdosa. I have always been a big fan of this place even before I came to Korea. I remember reading about it in a Lonely Planet although I can’t find it on their site. At any rate, I have been visiting here for over 10 years. When my parents came here they really wanted to see this place too and it is a great memory that I have of their trip here. Tongdosa was first established in 646 CE according to Wikipedia and it is amazing that it still is around today. The Main Worship Hall is the only structure to survive the Imjin War. The rest of the structures were rebuilt after that time. Each part of the temple has something interesting about it and more often than not, a fantastic story attached to it. What I like most about this location are the naturally aged buildings. I love the brightly painted temples but these just show you that they have been...

Ganjeolgot Cape Beauty

By on Jul 20, 2014 in Korea, Photography, Where to Shoot | 0 comments

The Jinha area around Ulsan is an area of stark contrasts. First, it is a beautiful beach area that sits next to a huge petrochemical complex. It is also an area that has been updated the slowest out of the beach/tourist areas in Ulsan. So you have a mix of new coffee shops and old seafood shops. However, the Ganjeolgot area is a different story altogether. If you are not familiar with this area, Ganjeolgot Cape is known for two things now. Most prominently is fact that it is the first place the sun hits on the Western coast. Thus, it draws thousands of people out each years to view the New Years sunrise. It was also another filming location for “May Queen” a Korean drama. The location is a little difficult to get to if you are coming in from Ulsan or for that matter anywhere because both entry points are single lane highways that can get congested. I usually take the...

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