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Cheongdo Bull Fighting 2011

This past weekend was the yearly Bull Fights in Cheongdo a smaller city in Gyeongsanbukdo. I have attended this event for many years but have missed it recently. Upon my return, I noticed that the site was greatly improved and the venue was amazing! The city has constructed a new stadium specifically for the event in recent years which makes […]

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A Day in Ulsan

Griffin Stewart and I set out across Ulsan this past weekend to try and capture some of the sites. We both got up before dawn and headed down to Daewangam Park to catch the sunrise and then around to some select spots to photograph the beauty of Ulsan. One of the surprises that we found along the way was Seosaengpo […]

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Flash Light Photography Expeditions

Ed from Tigers and Magpies posted a link on Facebook a few days ago that made me have to post a shout out.  Dylan Goldby and Shawn ‘Flash’ Parker have teamed up to create “Flash Light Photography Expeditions”. Given that Dylan’s site is called Welkinlight Photography and Shawn is know as Flash Parker, it seems obvious that their pairing would […]

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