A/S Centers in Korea

Inevitably, at some point in time you will need to get your gear cleaned and/or fixed. The beauty of this is that Korea has a great thing called “A/S Centers” which can fix your gear with in a couple of minutes to a few days depending on the items. The other cool thing is that “A/S Center” is also Konglish […]

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The Radio Show

First of all, I must admit that I love my email, so many great things pop up from it. One of which was last week, when I was contacted by the producer of the TBS eFM show “The Soul of Asia” hosted by John Lee. This was a first for me to be invited to the station to talk about […]

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It is the New Year by the Lunar Calendar and I feel that I need come up with a better name for my Blog. So, know that most of you are probably 1000 times more creative than me, I am going to run a contest and offer one sweet prize for the person that comes up with the best name […]

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