100 Cameras in 1 = Cool App

Trey Ratcliff from stuck in customs is a busy man. From traveling to taking amazing HDR photos, I am not sure how he had time to create such an interesting and cool app. 100 cameras in 1 is the name of Trey’s new app for the apple iPhone and it is a great one. I must admit that I am not […]

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Eat Your Kimchi Hits Younggungsa

Over the last few months I have started following the adventures of Super Bloggers Simon and Martina of Eat Your Kimchi.com. Today I noticed that they visited Yonggungsa Temple. If you remember I did a piece from there on Buddha’s Birthday and was actually locked out as they were closed in preparation for the event. At any rate, check out their […]

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The Importance of Scouting your Locations

When it comes to photography sometimes you get lucky and you find a location and it just simply works. You set up and everything is there. What about those shots where you don’t have so much luck? One of the biggest obstacles that I have in getting the shot that I want is location. It could be anything from locked […]

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