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Peter DeMarco on Photo Contests

Let’s face it, the idea of winning a photo contest and getting a the top prize is pretty tempting. They are designed that way or else no one would enter. You get the feeling of satisfaction that your photo was chosen over all the others and you get a nice chunk of change for your hard work. What could be […]

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Photo Clubs around Korea

One of best things about photography is the community that can be built from hanging out with people with a similar passion. The benefit of this is that you can learn from each other but as well as just be more in the moment. These clubs exist online and off-line as well and this can be a good thing. For […]

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The Busan MiRun 2014

A few times a year, Busan city does something amazing. It closes down it’s famous Gwangali Bridge to cars and allows people to walk across it or in this case “run” across it. The ADIDAS MiRun is a yearly race that is open to all (if you pay the entrance fee) and allows competitors to run around the Gwangali area. […]

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