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Photo Clubs around Korea

One of best things about photography is the community that can be built from hanging out with people with a similar passion. The benefit of this is that you can learn from each other but as well as just be more in the moment. These clubs exist online and off-line as well and this can be a good thing. For […]

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Memories of Korea Photo Exhibit

In a digital world a rare treat is to see great photos in print and on display. Right now 30 photographers from all over the world are displaying their favourite images of Korea in a 2-part exhibition in Busan. The first session is taking place right now in the underground shopping area, directly in front of the Lotte Department Store […]

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Gyeongju Photo Walk

A while ago, I lead a photo walk in the beautiful city of Gyeongju. This was one of my favourite photo walks that I have been on recently. Aside from the horrible traffic that made me extremely late, which is bad when you are the host and the only one who knows where to go. At any rate, the weather […]

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