ZenKimchi’s Korean Food Fest

Joe McPherson is one of the power bloggers in Korea. Seriously, there is no one more knowledgeable on Korean food or food in Korea than Joe and his team at ZenKimchi. IF you haven’t heard of this site, then you must not have you internet hooked up yet in your one-room… just call your co-teacher already! ZenKimchi has been featured in a wide range of publications both here in Korea and across the pond. As his site tells me, they are Korea’s longest running food blog and they even have met some famous people!

Now on to the good stuff! The contest.

I know you have done this… taken a picture of your food before you’ve eaten as a sort of “look what I ate!” legacy on facebook. Well, Joe and his team are looking for those shots. They have created a Fickr Group called ZenKimchi’s Korean Food Fest and the best shots chosen from that group will receive a free ZenKimchi T-shirt. More Details can be found here

At any rate, give it a go and show off your best shots. You can post 5 pictures a day and the contest ends on January 31st. Let’s see what you can do!

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