ZenKimchi’s Korean Food Fest




I must give a huge thanks to Joe McPherson from ZenKimchi. It seems that my little mandu shot won the top prize in this month’s Contest. If you haven’t heard of Joe and his site then you must not like food or blogging because his site is not only amazing but extremely informative and well laid out. I love going through his site and checking out all of the amazing articles and even testing out some the Korean recipes on there.

In the next few weeks I am going to try and improve my food shots and I will be sharing the experience with you all. Food and the experience that you take from it is an important part of your life in Korea. From simply just posting photos to facebook or sending them into places like 10 Magazine, food shots are always enjoyed. At times, I have struggled to achieve those clean stylish shots, so I be hitting the books and showing you how to get them.

Thank you Joe!



  1. Steve the QiRanger Reply

    Congratulations on winning the top prize!!!!!!!!!

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