Flashlight Workshops BUSAN: Off Camera Flash

These days I have been hearing a lot of talk about workshops for photographers in Korea. No doubt they exist but are probably hard to come by in English. Fortunately, Flashlight Expeditions is running regular workshops around the country to meet the needs of aspiring photographers.

Busan Workshop

On June 16th, Dylan Goldby will be in the bright lights of Busan, to make it even brighter by showing us how to use  off camera flash. This is one of the trickiest things to master with photography in some senses, but a working knowledge will payoff in the long run. Dylan will cover wide range of topics directly related to you, the photographer who wants to learn about off camera flash in Korea. Here is what the course will entail (excerpt from www.flashlightexpeditions.com):

– How light works

– The gear: What do you need? What’s right for you?

– Flash Setup Workflow
– TTL vs. Manual Mode
– Why light?
– The limits of hotshoe flashes and how to work with them
– What’s available in Korea
As you can see, that is a great set of topics and a rockin’ workshop with one of the best expat photographers in Korea. Also, note that because this is a workshop designed to off camera flash, you will be starting at 12pm ( no 4 am wakeups!) and going until a little after sunset. The course will be limited to only 10 students, so registered ASAP!!
You can register directly through Dylan here via phone or email and get ready for a great workshop!! 

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