Out with the Guys

The other night I had a great night out with a couple of great photographers, James Pawlowski and Ben Hobson  It was interesting to be standing on top of a building near the petrochemical complex with two other photographers. Mostly it is just my lonesome self up there.

It is great to get out with different photographers with different styles because as you talk and wander around, you are introduced to different approaches to photography. This is indeed important as you may have developed habits and even the slightest bit of advice may release the breaks to something that might have been holding you back.

It is also just good to get out with other photographers. For me, I am often so busy with work, marriage and numerous side projects that I don’t often get out and shoot with actual people. Doing this is what first go me interested in photography as I would head out with some close friends and we’d travel and shoot at different locations around the city. It has been a while since I have gotten out with other photographers.

At any rate, as I ponder things and comment a lot on Photographers in Ulsan and Hobby Photographers facebook pages, I am starting to think about developing an idea for a series of instructional photowalks to gather people together to help with different aspects of photography.  More on that later….


  1. Steve Miller Reply

    Great shots! Love the colors!

    • Jason Teale Reply

      Thank you Steve! It was an awesome night.

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