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I love entering contests that have some sort of theme or challenge to them. Rather than putting a bunch of great photos together and leaving it up to the judges to sort out which are the best photos from a range of different styles. Contests like the Capture the Colour Contest from is one that really benefits the photographer and the blogger. The contest is simple; make an entry with up to 5 photos representing the different colours and then nominate 5 bloggers and then enter the contest here. With that sort of ease the only agonizing part is to choosing the photos. Kat Bennett nominated me and brought this contest to my attention. With that, I went with a selection of some photos that I think speak for themselves. I always go with the rule “if you have to explain why, you’ve already failed” For this contest it is no different. I tried to choose photos that had a dominant colour but had more to the photo than just the colour.


This shot of Anapji took a while to get right. In recent years they have put spot lights up around the walls which have an annoying habit of blowing out and looking nasty with that orange colour. At any rate, I reworked the image to try and get those back in control. The rest was just the magic of the night and being about to bracket the shot. Granted this is the standard shot of the area, I still enjoy taking it as it is just suck a beautiful place.


This is the bamboo forest in Ulsan, South Korea. For the most part this area used to be just random farms that were probably not 100% legal. Over the past few years they have completely changed the area into “Taehwa River Grand Park” which is something to truly be proud of. This is just one on the featured of the part which is a bamboo forest running along side of the river with paths going through for people to relax in the shade.


One of the primary colours of Buddha’s Birthday, this was a strong choice for the contest. To be honest, all of the colours of this contest are represented on this special day in Korea. However, I wanted to show a little bit more variety and just give a sample. At any rate, I chose an image that had a strong subject but along made use of some compositional techniques such as “leading lines” This night was a special night for me as I was given a guided tour of the temple by the manager. It was a great feeling to walk through the temple that I have gone to every year for so many years and have all of the traditions and history explained by such a patient man.


One of the only shots not from Korea, this one made me work for it. Taken in Squamish, British Columbia Canada, I stood in rain in front of the rough seas to get a shot of the remains. Long exposures and rough water helped isolate the black posts when converted to black and white.


One of the most interesting evenings I have spent was when I went to Seoul with my wife for a guided tour of Cheongdukgung Palace in Seoul. This special moonlit walk was an amazing experience as we were led through the grounds by lantern and given a special performance of traditional Korean music at the end. It was a great time and one that won’t easily be forgotten. This was a shot from inside the throne room. The red comes out thanks to the wall and surrounding walls being painted a deep red and thus casting a red hue throughout the darken palace.


Here are the 5 bloggers that I am nominating. If your name is not here and you think that it should, no worries you can enter anyway. Just check out the link and make your own post. This list is not a “who I think are the best photographers and bloggers” but rather people that came to mind when writing this article. To mention all of the great photographers that I know would be a long list. Thus, being only limited to 5 I just made some quick choices.

The 5 bloggers that I nominate that I think should participate in this contest are:

Griffin Stewart

Chris Backe

Robert Koehler

Sungjin Kim

Johanne Miller


  1. Gwen Kang Reply

    Hello. your photos are really awesome. feel like to visit those places, especially green one. ^^

    • Jason Teale Reply

      Thank you Gwen. I really like how the green one turned out as well. Here is hoping that I win the contest!

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  3. Michel Reply

    A very calming set.

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