Gyeongju Photo Walk


A while ago, I lead a photo walk in the beautiful city of Gyeongju. This was one of my favourite photo walks that I have been on recently. Aside from the horrible traffic that made me extremely late, which is bad when you are the host and the only one who knows where to go. At any rate, the weather was great and we started our walk beginning with the tombs around Daeureungwon and then into Daereunwon itself.


The fall weather in Korea is great and being in a place like Gyeongju made it even better. The best part about this walk was the fact that there were so many people for different backgrounds and cultures. It was great to see everyone come together for the love of photography and the history of the area.


We started off our tour near Daereungwon park. There are a set of tombs located just before the park. After that we walked through Daereungwon Park. This is  filled with the tombs of the kings, queens and nobles from the Silla Dynasty. My favourite of them all is the largest tomb of the twenty -three in the park and that is the Hwangnam Daecheong which is a double-humped tomb for the King and Queen.


Later we got some coffee at one of the many shops in front of the Cheomseomdae observatory and then headed off to Anapji Pond. This is one of my favourite locations in Gyeongju and a site which many photographers love. That evening the water on the man-made pond was extremely still and gave some amazing reflections.

anapji 3

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