Flashlight Workshop Gyeongju

When it comes to workshops on photography (in English) you have very limited options in Korea. Outside of Seoul, your options almost drop to zero (I am working on changing that very soon). However, Dylan Goldby and Andy Faulk decided to change all that by putting together a workshop in the historic city of Gyeongju this past weekend. I had a chance to meet up with them and check these guys in action as they gave out their photographic secrets by the boatload.


Few workshops in Korea give you the opportunity to be taught by some of the most successful working photographers in the country. Dylan is constantly working with different magazines and businesses as a kick-ass pro photographer. If you pick up a copy of groove magazine chances you will see his work on the cover. Andy’s work can be seen in just as many places and his portrait photography is second to none. For this course, the photographic genius Greg Samborski also tagged along making the course packed with great photographers.


I met up with the group at Anapji Pond. I was in the area to scope out locations for next week’s Worldwide Photo Walk. I also wanted to see how Dylan handled his class on location. It was great to see how these guys composed and instructed their students. Giving personal attention and offer advice on how to create a story over just a pretty picture. Even for myself, I walked away with a few new tips.



The best thing about this course was that each of the three photographers had a different way of shooting and a unique style. This rang true when the group sat down for some wine and to go over their shots from the day. Dylan set the tone and asked the group to create a story from the day. This is something that I believe most of us need to think about. Create a story around the shots that we get rather than just one pretty shot. Inflight magazines and travel magazines are usually looking for some story from the area and if all you are doing is getting one shot then you are going to miss the rest of the story.


For me, this rang true with Anapji. I never noticed how many people gathered to see the pond light up during blue hour. I am always focussed on getting the standard “Anapji Shot”. This night was we were unfortunately asked to leave our primary shooting location, I thought about the story and realized there were a ton of people viewing the pond. With selfie sticks popping up and people pressed up against the fence, it was a sight to behold.


My overall impression of the flashlight workshop is that it is an extremely useful course and a very well planned out one. The group stayed in a beautiful new hannock hotel near the Daereungwon Park, which on it’s own would have made for a great weekend. Add to that the 1-to-1 teaching by some of the best photographers in the country and you walk away with an edge on most beginner photographers. For more information on their workshops check the link below.

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