The Sajin Photography Podcast

Over the past week or so I have been putting in hours recording and editing my brand new podcast. I cannot explain how much I have enjoyed the learning process here. I am also really nervous about publicly announcing this for some reason.

I love listening to podcasts and until now never really thought that it could be something that I could do. I always considered myself a better writer than a talker. After failing miserably with youtube I was kind of put off by projects like this. I guess in someway I was sort of hiding behind the keyboard.

Korea-Based… For Now…

The basic focus of the podcast will be about photography and Korea as is similar to this blog. I am directing this more for people who have an interest in Korea and for photographers who want to know a little bit more about where to photograph in the country. If you are already living here then what I cover, you probably already know.

However, like this blog, I will throw in a few episodes that talk about other things within the realm of photography, just to keep it interesting. For example, my very first episode talks about criticism and how to deal with it. The following episodes talk about my favourite places to shoot here in Korea.

Guests to Come

Looking forward into the future, I will probably beg a few of my photography friends to join the podcast at some point. I am thinking about doing a monthly interview episode where we talk about photography and they can share their perspective on photography in Korea or elsewhere.

I don’t want to make this too much of a regular thing as I only have a limited number of friends to interview lol! However, I think that it would be great to get a few other perspectives on photography here and I know that the friendly banter would benefit a number of people.

The Link

So without further ado here is the link below and you can also find my podcast on Apple podcasts and Spotify, just search for “The Sajin Photography Podcast” and you will no doubt find it somewhere. New episodes will be published every Friday at 10 am KST.

One Last Thing…

As I am just getting started with this and am trying to come up with some new content, I need your help. If you have any ideas or suggestions that can can help get this podcast some traction, please reach out to me. I really want to see this podcast get off the ground and I need your help and support.

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