Is Travel Photography Possible in Korea?

Let’s face it, 2020 was a terrible year. Many people such as myself have not only lost jobs, income, but family members as well. We are all hoping that this year heals those wounds and puts us on a better path. However, much of what happened last year is still currently happening with the only exception being a certain former U.S. President.

That means for travelers coming into Korea, it is still a no-go situation. At the moment, Korea is not issuing any tourist visas and that puts a serious damper on the travel market. It is even difficult for residents like myself to get in and out of Korea.

While the COVID numbers here in Korea may be dropping, it is not likely that we will see any changes with regards to travel and tourism in the near future. The Korean government is not exactly eager to open the flood gates just yet. So what can travelers do in the meantime?

Hire Local Photographers

For those photographers who are already in Korea, nothing much has changed with regards to access to many of the sites and locations across this beautiful country. That means for those who are looking for content, look no further than the people who are already here. Need some content from Seoul? Find a photographer who is already there.

A stunning recreation of a beautiful bridge in Gyeongju, South Korea.

Now, this may be completely obvious but there are a lot of agencies who are throwing in the towel because “they can’t get a photographer into Korea” and yet there are a ton of extremely talented photographers already here. Just take a look at instagram, there are so many stunning images of the recent snowfall that you could use in your publications. It is just that simple.

Support Local Photographers

Now, understandably a not many people reading this blog are writing for or running publications. Many I think are not only fellow photographers but travelers as well. With that being said, if you are stuck outside of Korea and are waiting for the day that you can come and walk around Gyeongju or Dongdaemun, you can help out in other ways.

By supporting and following photographers here, you are helping create interest in a country that I feel deserves to be a major destination when this COVID pandemic finally lets up. It has a lot to offer beyond K-POP and I hope that speaks through my photography. However, there are many other photographers both expat and Korean, that are working hard to show how beautiful this country really is.

By following these photographers you are not only seeing the beauty of Korea but you are also helping us continue to do what we love to do. Sometimes a little Instagram love is all we need to get out before dawn on a cold winter morning.

Reach Out and Ask

Finally, if you do have your heart set on coming to Korea. Then reach out and ask me anything. I have here with a little too much time on my hands these days and I can help clarify any questions that you may have with regards to travel photography in Korea. As it stands now, it is almost impossible to come here as tourist and get those photos that you have been dreaming about.

The bottomline here is that for those outside of Korea, travel photography here is pretty much impossible. However, you can still support the industry by supporting those of us who are already here. If you need a photographer, reach out and I can help you find one that best suits your needs. If you simply like photography from Korea, please consider following those photographers who are making amazing content here in Korea.

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