Getting Published

Some people may say that print is dead and blogs have taken over the medium. Some say that even the idea of a paper magazine, in a world full of portable electronic devices, is absurd. However, the reality is that magazine sales are stronger than ever and the opportunities to get your work out to the world is increasing day by day. […]

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I must admit that by the end of the week, I am pretty tapped for ideas. Even if they are sitting right in front of me on the screen via photo groups on Flickr or challenges on facebook, I just don’t have the energy. However, there are times when the best ideas come in your moment of peace and you […]

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Reposts! Are Coming

Thanks to Matt Symes, who follows my site and is one hell of a photographer and all around great guy,  I now have the ability to repost some of my old posts from the last little while. Please list some of your favorites in the comment section below.

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