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Busan Fireworks Festival 2013

For years now I have drooled over the shots of the Gwangan Bridge ablaze with fireworks. I tried to get in position but the crowds and the traffic threw me off. My wife and I got close last year but gave up in the end when the police started moving everyone back. Thus, all we got to see were the […]

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Fireworks Fail

So after the articles and advice I went to the exact WRONG place. However, to be honest, there was a bit of misunderstanding and that happens sometimes. Basically, the story went that my wife and I had a meeting in Haeudae for a project that we are doing. The lady lives in the iPark directly across from Gwangali. So, we […]

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Photographing the Busan Fireworks Festival 2012 Pt.2

[button link=”http://koreabridge.net/post/fireworks-delayed-one-day-halloween-ahoy” type=”icon” icon=”notice” newwindow=”yes”] Festival Postponed to Sunday[/button]   If you haven’t read the first post you can read it here. At any rate, I am going to elaborate more on the topic and provide some great information about actually getting decent shots from this weekend. Since this will be my first actual time heading there with the intent […]

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