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Jeongwol Daeboreum 2015

The Jeolwol Daeboreum festivities date back hundreds of years and it is still amazing to see just how many people come out to these celebrations. This festival is held on the first full moon of the lunar year. The typical celebrations will start in the afternoon with singing and dancing until the final main event. Here in Ulsan, the main […]

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Not What I was Expecting

As I posted yesterday, I “was” going out to get some shots of the cherry blossoms around Ulsan. I was, really… I was. However, after having a most amazing lunch with my wife and then some coffee, just as the sun was getting about right we saw black smoke. Initially we went to investigate but it was too far away […]

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Ulsan’s Daeboreum Festival

Here are some shots from Ulsan’s festival held last Monday. It was a strange festival simply¬†because¬†it didn’t have that “huge celebration” feel to it like other years. Yes there was a stage with acrobats and the announcers mics were on full blast but I guess I wasn’t really in “the mood” or really feeling that creative. Perhaps I was a […]

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