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Buying a Tripod in Korea

  So the topic of tripods came up recently and I was surprised at how much people didn’t know about this seemly essential tool of photography. Now, depending on what you are shooting, for example if you call yourself a “street photographer” then you would probably more wise to spend your money on skinny jeans and thick black rimmed glasses […]

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The Internet

There are tons of ads and materials to waste your money on that may get you more traffic to your site and possibly a new career in photography but, is it all worth it? Recently, I have been giving a lot of thought about where to take my passion and drive. However, As a teacher in South Korea, you sometimes […]

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Food Photography Part 1

    Before I begin, take some time to read Joe McPherson’s article on the most recent attempt at the globalization of  Korean food. Now you can see the connection to all the hamburgers, being that this is a blog on photography in Korea. In order to make decent food photography you  must first figure out what types of shots you are looking to get. […]

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