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The New Flickr: Love it or Leave it?

When I woke up this morning, drearily dragged my fat bottom into the gym.  After scanning the lasted posts kept coming up again and again. “Flickr has changed!! OMG 1 TB of storage!” Sadly from my phone couldn’t tell what all the hype was about. By the time that I got to my office/classroom, people were already foaming at the […]

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Out with the Guys

The other night I had a great night out with a couple of great photographers, James Pawlowski and Ben Hobson  It was interesting to be standing on top of a building near the petrochemical complex with two other photographers. Mostly it is just my lonesome self up there. It is great to get out with different photographers with different styles […]

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Waygook Photographers

  If you are a teacher or someone who is in Korea and spends a lot of time on forums, then you no doubt have heard of waygook.org. The site has been extremely popular in the last several months. The community is trying to be a positive influence and help teachers with everything from lesson plans to how to use […]

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