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Food Shots: Bella Di Notte is Back

So the other night I got the hankering for some finely cooked Italian food. Now, this is hard to come by in Ulsan as there are many “Italian” restaurants or restaurants that serve “Italian” food but few actually make it properly. However, Bella Di Notte was not one of “those” restaurants and quickly gained a following here in Ulsan before […]

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Nampo-dong, Busan

One of my favorite places in Busan has to be Namp-dong. Not just for camera stores but just for the whole scene in general. In the last few years, I have seen major improvements in the area and it is quickly turning into the spot to go to in Busan. In my opinion, Nampo-dong has always been on the tourist […]

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Getting the Shot 6: Kimchi

The Shot: This is your basic stock shot of Kimchi on a white background. This shot can be used in many ways because of the neutral background with emphasis on the subject. The kimchi and the bowl are sharp all around and in even lighting. The Set Up: For this shot I used my Fomex Light Tent that I picked […]

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