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Seoknamsa and the Rainy Day

  Too often were put our camera gear away when the weather turns gray and rain starts to fall. However, did you know that the gray overcast actually makes colors pop and that the rain gives gives texture and mood to an otherwise boring shot? The other other great part of at my shooting day was getting out and shooting […]

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Ulsan Inferno 2011

The Ulsan Inferno is once again on and it is taking place this weekend!! Why would the average reading of a photography blog like this care? Well… because I am┬ásponsoring┬áthe “Best Photo” prize. Basically the Inferno is a photo-based scavenger hunt where people ride around on motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles to capture photos of various sites around Ulsan in order […]

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A Day in Ulsan

Griffin Stewart and I set out across Ulsan this past weekend to try and capture some of the sites. We both got up before dawn and headed down to Daewangam Park to catch the sunrise and then around to some select spots to photograph the beauty of Ulsan. One of the surprises that we found along the way was Seosaengpo […]

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