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Fall Colours of Korea

If you talk to any Korean over the age of 40, they will no doubt tell you about the “4 seasons of Korea” and look a bit astonished when they realize that places like Canada also have four seasons as well. This concept comes up in a lot of older textbooks and even my Korean language books as well. While […]

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Top Tips for Photographing Temples in Korea

One of my favorite times of the year in South Korea is during the Buddha’s Birthday celebrations. It is a time where you get to see people celebrating something that is not commercialized or tacky. Everything is decorated with a sort of quiet charm and for the most part everything is sort of quiet. Over the past few weeks I […]

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Junggwangsa Temple 2014

Like an old friend that will always be there, Junggwangsa temple and I go way back. If you have been following this blog for awhile then you will know that I always head there during Buddha’s Birthday. This year was a quick visit as I was looking for something to really pop out at me. Nothing really did and I […]

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