Chase Jarvis and the Dasein Project


Few other photographers inspire me as much as Chase Jarvis. Reading his blog is like having direct link to a cool/down-to-earth pro photographer that keeps giving you awesome advice whenever you need it.  A lot of his posts get to me in that sort of harsh/truthful but much needed way. One of his current posts entitled “Stop Trying to Get Everyone to Like Your Work” really hit home for me.

Of course, we want everyone to like our stuff and fear those trolls who drop technical bombs about composition and piercing commentary. However, that should not keep  you for doing your own thing. Why take the same photos of Korea that everyone else took while they were here? Do you really want that same shot of Bulguksa Temple from that same angle that has been photographed millions and millions of times in every weather condition known to man?

Don’t let fear run your photography.

Now with that, get out there and shoot!


Because there is a project running that focuses on your snapshots! Your photography that is free from fear of judgement!

Chase has set up the site to showcase these glimses into life around the world. The project is currently running at the Ace Hotel in New York and you can submit your work to Chase to have on the walls there. How cool is that? Chase said in his blog that the site “will serve as a digital focus of the installation, a place where you can submit your best, most intriguing snapshot images, and concurrently see images coming in from all over the world…”

“The installation” that he refers to can be seen in his blog entry here. It is a pretty neat set up and one that I want to be a part of. These days I am exploring my creative side with different photography apps on my iPhone and I submitted the one above for consideration. It was simply just a snapshot one my morning ride along the Taehwa River in Ulsan but I liked the feel of it.

I hope that all of you take some time and submit some shots to this project. I would love to see some Korean photos hanging on the walls of the Ace Hotel in New York.

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