The Flixel Walk Seoul

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting the first international Flixel Walk. This is essentially a photowalk with the intent of making cinemagraphs using Flixel’s cinemagraph pro. The timing for this event could not have been better as it is spring now in Korea and the beautiful cherry blossoms were out in full force.

The location that I chose for this event was the beautiful Deoksugung Palace in central Seoul. This palace is right across the street from the Seoul City Hall. In my opinion this was a great location and one that I typically find myself in when I head up to Seoul. I felt that the palace also fit well with the theme of “old and new” really well.

Like most weekends in Seoul, there was a large protest going on. Sadly, this particular protest occurred directly in front of the palace gates. It was a minor set back with some amusing instances. Most of the protesters were elderly Koreans who were a little confused to see a group of foreigners holding a black flag with a hummingbird on it. So a couple elder ladies approached the group wondering what country the flag was from.

It was a great group of photographers to walk with. Some were on my team for the Visa Olympic Project and others were completely new to cinemagraphs. With the weather being as nice as it was, we all had a great time. Not to mention that the large tree inside the palace, a focal point for any tour was in bloom.

With that being said, I really hope to do more of these walks around Korea and Asia as it was really fun to show people how to approach the same scene that they have photographed many times before and make something magical happen with just a cinemagraph.

The Flixel Podcast

If you haven’t heard about Flixel’s new podcast “The Perfect Loop” then let be be the first to say that “Flixel has started a new podcast called The Perfect Loop!” and they talk about all things cinemagraph related. It is hosted by Robert and Mehek from Flixel and it really is a great podcast to listen to. There is a lot of energy and knowledge being shared and not to mention that it is one of the only podcasts directly focussing on cinemagraphs.

I recently had the opportunity to be on their 2nd episode and it was great fun. It is still amazing to be on shows like this. Not to mention that I really love talking about my passion. It is also great to be able to connect with the people from Flixel as you can really tell how passionate they are about the medium that they are helping create and define.

If you want to listen either subscribe via itunes or click the button below to take you flixel’s blog post and listen there.

[button link=”” type=”icon” icon=”notice” newwindow=”yes”] Click here and scroll down to listen to the podcast[/button]

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