Text and Cinemagraphs: 2 Options to Make More Creative Content

Cinemagraphs are great for ads and promotions, but it is always a challenge blending in your text or logo into a cinemagraph. Dues to the way that we currently create cinemagraphs, having test that may bleed over onto the masked out move areas, just didn’t look that good as you would still have to cut away parts. It just doesn’t look good.

For an idea of the old way, check the video below and excuse the lame joke at the beginning. At any rate, you had really only one option and that was to export the top image and add text away from the moving parts of the cinemagraph and then import into cinemagraph pro.

Fortunately, Flixel and Over have found a solution to this import/export/can’t have graphis over the moving parts issue. I will be taking you through both apps today to show you their new functionality and how it can make your cinemagraphs event better!

Cinemagraph Pro

For years, I have been export the image out of Flixel’s Cinemagraph Pro and hoping that any graphics that I added didn’t cover the intricate mask that I made. It was annoying sometimes when you had a great logo or graphic that just didn’t work with the cinemagraph that you created.

Now, you don’t even have to leave the app to add in text and graphics to your cinemagraphs. Here is how to do it:

Click the layer icon

Click the plus icon

Tap the spyglass and start editing!

You can edit your text, change the size, font, and colour all from in the app. There is a basic editor much like you’d find in any word processor and that works great for a myriad of purposes.


The real power house here is Over due to their library of free and paid graphics and fonts. The fact that you have the ability to find and/or buy well-made graphics, icons, and quotes is a real bonus.

Once you have created your cinemagraph, load it into Over. Once you do that, it is then just a matter of finding the right text or graphics to add to your cinemagraph.

There are a ton of different fonts and graphics that you can use in Over for free and a lot more that you can purchase. It is just up to you and what you want to do with them.

The bottomline here is that now you have some pretty power and creative option that allow you to overlay icons, text and graphics over the moving parts of your cinemagraphs and even videos.

I encourage you to check out the new features of both these apps and sent me a link to your work. I would love to check out what you created.

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