Nampo-dong, Busan

One of my favorite places in Busan has to be Namp-dong. Not just for camera stores but just for the whole scene in general. In the last few years, I have seen major improvements in the area and it is quickly turning into the spot to go to in Busan. In my opinion, Nampo-dong has always been on the tourist map simply because of the Busan Tower, PIFF and near by Jagalchi Market, but recently they have started pulling in cafes and restaurants that complements the trendiness of the area but not take anything away from the history.

My journey to Nampo-dong lead me to the side street markets and street food vendors. These are places were you rarely see a foreigner but by all means there should be more. There are a ton of vendors lining the streets selling everything from bags to squid. It is an amazing place with delicious finds and great shopping. The best street market that we found was the one that runs along Gwangbuk Road. It is situated just past the main intersection. It is tucked in behind the main buildings but crowds and crowds of people head down there  to eat delicious street food and pick up some cheap clothes and accessories.

Another great find courtesy of Korean TV was located just in front of the old PIFF theaters across the street from Jagalchi. These places serve up ho-ddeok that is probably the best that I have tasted in my time in Korea. From Shik-shin Road to the ever-so annoying Tasty Road, the Korean TV foodies all agree that this place is worth stopping by for a tasty treat.


  1. G Reply

    Your best yet, JT. Really love how you captured the scene here. Great storytelling.

    • Jason Teale Reply

      Thank you Sir! I appreciate the comments and the links. 🙂

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