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If I were to pick a favourite temple in Korea, it would be a tie between Tongdosa and Haedong Younggunsa. While I love Tongdosa in the spring and fal for the leaves and blossoms, Haedong Younggunsa is great all year round.

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Recently, I was woken up at 5:30 am by a playful cat that seems to forget that the weekends are for sleeping in not jumping on people at 5:30 am. At any rate, after being assaulted by the cat and sipping a particularly damn good cup of coffee I decided to go out and photograph something. Driving out towards the petrochemical complex I really wanted something else… so I kept on driving. I found myself almost to Busan before I thought about where to go, Haedong Younggunsa it was!

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After taking the long way in and missing the sunrise, I got there and paid my 2,000 won for parking. The people were just setting up the shops on you way in and there was already a bunch of people roaming around the temple. My first destination was the seaside Buddha. I have been here for so long that I can confidently say that I was here BEFORE he was covered in gold.

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After the groups of people faded out a bit I snapped off a few shots and explored the rocks around the statue. Then it was off to the main temple. This temple always holds a special place for me as it was where I took my parents when they were here for my wedding. It was a great time and something that I will cherish.

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One of the cool things about this temple is the big Buddha. His golden shine always makes me happy. Also the little figurines that are placed on the stones around the shrines are both cute and interesting. Something you really want to spend some time looking at.

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At any rate, the sun came up and my coffee had all but worn off. I went on my way home. I got the shots that I have always wanted from this temple and got to relive some great memories. Perhaps tonight I had better call my family and tell them that I miss them.

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