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Recently, Darlene Hildebrandt tagged me in one of those facebook posts where you share 10 “somethings” without an explanation for 10 days and tag a bunch of people. Normally, I would not participate in these sort of “share and tag” posts as many of them are just annoying and are mostly likely used to try and figure out your passwords. This one was different.

It was not the fact that it was about travel photography but more of a way for me to go over some of the shots that I have taken over the years, re-edit, and even rethink the shots. The photographers that I tagged also had some meaning as well. It was a moment to check in and what others have in their libraries at home.

The photographers that I tagged are ones that I was really interested in seeing what they shared and who they tagged. I could have just gone done my list of photographers and friends as easily banged this out. With this, I was more methodical in my selections.

**I have linked the photographer’s names to their sites and online work. Please check them out and let me know what you think**

Day 1 – Whistler, BC Canada

I Chose this particular shot because it was one that signifies the area and one of the best trips back to Canada that I have had in a long time. I love Whistler and long dream of the days when I can retire from life abroad and live out my days in a chalet here.

This was taken up at the peak of Whistler Mountain and it reconnected me with my love for these rugged landscapes. I explored these mountains back in the day with my Pentax Spotmatic F and being here with my DSLR was a little surreal for me.

The Photographer Chosen – Lee Kelly – I chose him because he has recently returned from Laos and Mongolia and took some amazing pictures. I really wanted him to dive deep into those trips and find the shots that are meaningful and show the rest of us how it is done. I can’t wait to see some of the images that he shares.

Day 2 – Nezu Shrine – Tokyo, Japan

This was the shot that I fell in love with my Canon EOS R. I know that it sounds strange but there is a story behind it. I have always wanted to get a shot like this. The mood and the feeling along with the lady walking her dog make this one of my better photos, in my opinion.

The fact that I got this with relative ease, made it all the better. I wasn’t fighting with the settings or simply hoping that I would whip up some magic in post. Everything came together here and made for a memorable shot. I got a shot that said “this is Tokyo on a early morning” instead of all the other shots that people get of the sky tree and Shibuya or whatever.

The Photographer Chosen – Steve Robinson – Steve loves sharing his work and if you are in any photo group in Korea, you will no doubt have seen his amazing images. I am interested in seeing what images had an impact on Steve and who he would choose to nominate or tag.

Day 3 – Bajra Sandhi Monument – Denpasar, Bali

This was a shot that I snuck in during my honeymoon in Bali. I couldn’t resist getting a few shots to add to the portfolio here. It was an amazing trip and one that I won’t easily forget. The entire trip was amazing (minus the monkeys) and this was one of those places that really made you feel like you were in a special place.

It was created to educated visitors to the struggles of the Balinese people. The toll that colonization too on the people of Bali was a heavy one. It is here, at this monument, that you learn a great deal about their struggles throughout history with the Dutch. Walking around such an important monument, it was hard to take happy pictures but our guide assured me that it would be ok.

The Photographer Chosen – Steven Moore – This was a great choice as he is an accomplished author and I was reading his book “The Tiger Temple” at the time. His book took me back to my time in Bali and I also knew that he would have some great images from his travels to share.

Day 4 – White Beach, Boracay, Philippines

This trip was one of the first trips where I actually enjoyed being on the beach. Boracay is an amazing place but was also overrun with tourists. However, the people were amazing and the views, particularly the sunsets were second to none.

This particular area was along the famous White Beach and it was simply stunning, but again, overrun with tourists. The sand here is extremely white and melts around your feet. I had never seen anything like it before. Everynight, there was something epic to shoot.

The only issue that I had here was that we were a part of a Korean tour and each day we had to follow our guide no matter what. Thus, it was hard to get in shots around sunset because that was when we were usually ushered into some preplanned show or restaurant.

The Photographer Chosen – Scott Rotzoll – He is an amazing photographer that I have known probably since he first picked up a camera. Scott impresses me with his images and his work with non-profit organizations. He is now located in Boracay and that is another reason why I chose him for this.

Day 5 – Grain Elevator at Forrest, MB Canada

This is a spot that I keep returning to every time I come home. It was just outside of my hometown but sadly I heard that it burned down recently.

For me, these elevators as they are called are symbols of life on the prairies. I grew up around these things and for me they are something that I grow more and more interested in photographing. This one was the easiest to get to from my home and thus, I have photographed it a number of times over the years.

Photographer Chosen – Colin Corneau – He is a true photographer if I have ever seen one. Loves film and worked for my local newspaper as well. His work shows a dedication to the art and craft of not only photojournalism but the true nature of photography. I was very interested in seeing his photos from his travels around Asia.

Day 6 – The Jin Mao Building, Pudong China

This was one of my first so-called “travel photos” and it is also one of my favourites. I traveled to Shanghai in the summer and it was seriously hot and humid. The heat just stuck to you and did not let up, even at night.

This particular evening we took the tunnel tour train to Pudong New City and checked out some of the amazing buildings over there. It was amazing. Shanghai seemed like such an interesting mix of history and modern conveniences. It was the buildings that rally left an impression on me here.

Photographer Chosen – Macbeth Omega – He is one photographer that has seriously impressed me over the years. He is also one of the nicest people that you will ever meet. He takes images that win contests and awards and is always making work that is seriously impressive. In all the years that I have been doing the Kelby Worldwide Photo Walks, it was Mac’s photo that captured the attention (and some great prizes) from Scott Kelby himself.

Day 7 – Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul, South Korea

This is one of my favourite images of the front gates of the palace. Not the most original of shots but it is one that sticks out as an iconic shot of the area.

This is also one of the few shots that I feel really shows Seoul for me. There are a lot of street shots that could be anywhere in the country but once you see this shot you know exactly where it is, if you have been to Seoul.

Photographer Chosen – Pete Demarco – He is a driving for in the photography industry and not to mention a good friend. Pete and I have wandered around these streets a few times in search of good shots a number of times. I recently hosted a webinar on Luminar 4 on his Creative Academy platform.

Day 8 – English Bay, Vancouver, BC Canada

This area is always close to my heart and so is this shot. It was taken around the area where I lived and where my late friend Dave Harvey also lived until he past away from cancer in 2015. This shot was taken on a short stay at his place while I was on my way out to the East coast of Canada.

Dave and I hung out together and I desperately want to get him out for some photography that night. He was simply too tired and pushed me to go. Until that point in time, I never realized how sick he was. Yet, he wouldn’t let me miss the sunset. I stayed as long as I could and then got out for a few short moments. We talked a lot when I got back a few moments later.

I never would have expected to lose such a dear friend and mentor. The one responsible for my love of photography and who got me to Korea. Had I known that a few months after this shot was taken that he would past away, I would have stayed in for those 20 minutes. I think Dave knew and wanted me to get a few shots while I was there. I still miss him to this day.

Photographer Chosen – Greg Samborski – This man is a legend and has recently moved from Korea back to Canada. He is doing what I have always dreamed of I am so envious. He is also one of the most talented photographers that I know. If you simply look at his site you can see how amazing his work is.

Day 9 – Gilbert’s Cove Lighthouse, Nova Scotia Canada

This lighthouse caught my eye as I was traveling through the area. Being from the prairies, I was in awe of the way of life in this part of Canada. I pulled my rental car into the picnic area and caught the light just right.

This lighthouse was built in 1904 and has had only 2 lighthouse keeps in it’s time. It is now loving looked after by a group of individuals who love this little lighthouse. You can find out more about this place here.

What I liked about this shot was the fact that it was probably one of the more perfect places that I found in my tour of the area. It was amazingly calm and just beautiful. I did my best to capture that moment.

Photographer Chosen – Griffin Stewart – He is an inspiring person and one that always inspires me to be a better human being and to work harder. His company which he runs with his wife Valerie is one that (pardon the cheesy pun) is a beacon of light these days. 5DayDeal is their company and they have donated more that any other group out there. They truly are amazing. Not to mention that Griffin has some amazing images from around the world that I would very much like to see.

Day 10 – Daereungwon Park, Gyeongju South Korea

This is a photo that I think that a number of my photographer friends took in and around the same time. It was a funny moment when we started sharing the images noticing that we all took the same shot.

That being said, this is one of the most strikingly beautiful areas in Gyeongju at this time of year. Due to the virus, I am hoping that the throngs of tourists have stopped coming here and impacting this otherwise beautiful spot. From the tombs to the trees this park gets slammed by tourists and I have seen the impact on the park over the years.

What I like about this picture is that it shows the beauty of the cherry blossoms and also of the Korean architecture. I feel that both tie really well together and the mid-day light make this a nice travel shot.

Photographers Chosen – All of You – That is right, if you are reading this, then I choose you. Start going through your images and finding the ones that matter to you. Find the shots and the locations that are the most meaningful. It doesn’t matter how good or how old your shots are. Just start going through your images.

The bottoms line here is that these “share 10 ____ without explanation” posts are common these days. However, they can be used to revisit your old images and think about all the places that you have gone. It is also a great time to think about how you can improve your photography?

I used to make the same mistakes over and over again. I would get the chance to visit place or country and end up taking photos that really didn’t do much. This little exercise helped me see the kinds of shots that i need to take to make more of an impact.

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