K&F Concept Square Filter System Pro Review

It’s been awhile since I have written anything about gear and that is simply because I don’t buy a lot of camera gear. I use what I have and typically only buy what I need. I don’t really lust after the latest and greatest gear at all.

That being said, I did need to upgrade my filter set recently. If you follow me on any of my social channels, then you know that I love seascapes and long exposures. So I needed to upgrade the cheap filter that I got off of amazon for something a little bit better.

Now, if you have followed me recently then you also know that the pandemic hit me hard and after a number of years, I am still struggling. SO that means that I am not really looking at buying the best of the best when it comes to camera equipment and other goodies.

The Filters

However, I did splurge a bit and purchase these filters for the sake of having some sort of Christmas/Birthday gift for myself. I must admit that I was really impressed and will most likely buy more filters for this system in the future.

The set that I went with was the set with the CPL and the 10-stop ND square filter. The reason that I made this choice was that I felt that having the CPL along with the 10-stop ND filter was a better choice especially since the holder is specifically built for the CPL.

The set costs around $150 but if you look around, you can find some pretty sweet coupon codes to save yourself some cash. I think that I managed to find a few offers around Christmas time that saved me a decent chunk of change. This is another thing that I really liked about K&F products and that is that they don’t shy away from offering a lot of discounts. Granted you get what you pay for and I have seen some comments about the build quality on their tripods.

However, the build quality of this particular filter system seems amazing. The metal has a brushed finish and everything smoothly slides into place as it should. I also like the quick release lock that they have made of the holder. It is simple but extremely effective.

Ease of Use

Two key features to this system are the tabbed house around the square filter and the locking mechanism that locks the filter stack to the lens bracket. These two features make a world of difference when getting everything set up.

The tabbed bracket ( can be purchased separately as well for around $17 that will fit your existing square filters) is a great little feature. Basically, it just keeps your fingers off the filter itself. If you have ever tried to handle a square filter in the dark or at any time of the day then you will appreciate this feature even more.

The locking mechanism or some may call it a “quick release” is another handy feature allowing you to easily remove everything all at once. I have used this feature a lot when I want to quickly re compose and get my focus again. I find it much easier to do that to slide out the ND filter and then carefully slide it back in when you are done.

Image Quality

design, ease of use and build quality are meaningless if the images are tinted and blurry. This is where a lot of the price comes into play when you are looking at expensive filters. The cheap plastic ones simply don’t cut it. Others may leave a purple tint or some weird blobs across the frame.

Thankfully, I have yet to come across any issues here. I was really worried about the colour tint and I have yet to notice anything. The images come out extremely sharp and detailed. This is something that really makes me glad that I picked these up.

Combined with right exposure calculations, you can get some really amazing shots from this set up. This is also what I noticed with these filters is that compared to my old screw on cheap ND filter, these actually allow me to use a proper ND time to get a good exposure. This means that the filter is actually 10-stops and not “somewhere in the ballpark” or just a dark piece of glass.

The Bottomline

The big question here is should you buy them? My answer is yes. All things considered, this is a good product for a decent price. I have yet to find any faults in the design or any flaws with the build quality. I do wish that they would have included a larger pouch or something to keep all the pieces together but that is just a minor thing.

I did pick up a small pouch from Daiso to keep everything together, so that is not really an issue anymore. I will also say that the case for the filter is amazing with the pull-tab to once again make sure you keep your fingers off that nice piece of glass.

To sum things up, if you are looking to get into long exposure photography and don’t want to drop big money on a filter set then this is what you need to look into. These are well made and great quality filters for a moderate price.

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