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Making the Best of Blue Hour

By on Feb 28, 2017 in Getting the Shot, Photography, Technique Tuesday, Tutorials | 0 comments

  One of the best times to shoot in my opinion is “Blue Hour” This is the period of time after sunset or just before sunrise where the sky is a brilliant colour of blue. Without going into to too much detail about the proper names or the azimuth of the sun, I want to introduce you to this as it will change how you shoot long exposure/ nighttime photos. Why is Blue Hour So Special? The main reason is the colour and the light. Many photographers know that sunsets and sunrises are great. I have seen many pack up and leave once the sun is gone. Also I have seen many head out too late thinking that night photography is better when the sky is pitch black. However, there is a magic to this hour and it should not be ignored. The reason blue hour is so special is because it is dark which means that water and and car lights will streak and blur. However, it is not too dark so...

New Tutorial: Lightroom Basics

By on Feb 5, 2017 in Photography, Tutorials | 0 comments I have just released my latest tutorial on the basics of lightroom! This course is designed for beginners who are struggling to come to grips with Adobe’s Lightroom.  Have you just downloaded Lightroom and are not sure where to go, then this course will help you get there. What I tried to envision when I created this tutorial was to teach exactly what a beginner needed to know to get the best start with lightroom. Instead of rambling on about what each slider or module does, I cut right to the chase. I get you uploading and editing your photos in the fastest and easiest way possible. As a teacher, I have gone over this tutorial course to make sure that it is the correct first step needed to get you on your way to dramatically improving your images. Too many courses try to explain everything to a new learner. My...

Why Does Your Photo Suddenly Change in Lightroom?

By on Jan 28, 2017 in Photography, Tutorials | 0 comments

We’ve all been there. You’ve got some great photos on your card, they looked great in your camera. They were so bright and vibrant and you could wait to get them into Lightroom to give them a bit of a tweak. As you imported them they were looking great and then all of a sudden…. blah. What the heck happened? Chances are that you are shooting in RAW, like most people these days. That first glimpse that you saw in lightroom and/or the image that you saw on your camera is what the camera adjusted your image to look like. However, when you import it into lightroom everything basically gets “zeroed” because the RAW image still needs to be rendered. The preview that you see is the profile that lightroom think your image should look like.  Typically, this preview is a no frills basic/ close-to-how-the-scene-actually-looked type profile. So there maybe a slight...

DIY Food Photography in Your Home

By on Jan 20, 2017 in Photography, Tutorials | 0 comments

With the rise of Instagram many people are more interested in taking photos of the amazing food creations that they make at home. However, as a primarily landscape photographer, this is not as simple as just holding the camera up and taking a quick shot before you dig in. In this lesson, I will take you through the steps that I took to achieve a stunning image and cinemagraph in my home in just a few minutes. The set up What you are looking for is a spot in your house with lots of light. This way you won’t have to invest too much into expensive strobes or lighting.  You will have to find something to reflect the light back onto your subject matter. For this, I went to the stationery store and got some large white pieces of poster board and some clips. These acted as reflectors to bounce the light onto the front of the pancakes. Before cooking anything, I got my composition where...

Lightroom Basics

By on Jan 15, 2017 in Photography, Tutorials | 0 comments

With the new year already here, it is the perfect time to start improving your skills at editing photos inside of lightroom. In this basic lesson, I am going to take you through each of the modules that are important to the beginner lightroom user. Basically, this will compliment my upcoming lightroom for beginners tutorial on At any rate, what you will find here is an explanation of the steps that you need to take in order to get your photos from your memory card to your lightroom catalogue and then start editing them. In future articles,  I will explain in more detail what each of the modules do and how to get the best out of everyone of them. However, for this article, I just want to get your photos into lightroom and get you editing them. Importing Photos After you have taken your masterpieces and you have lightroom up and running on your computer it is time...

New Style for the New Year!

By on Jan 2, 2017 in Photography | 0 comments

So it is 2017 and I am super excited for the coming year. The reason is that I am taking 2017 very seriously and I am going to drive this blog and my school into new heights this new year. So what does that mean for you, my loyal reader? Well, that means that you get to learn a whole lot of new skills from me. I have been collecting a ton of material to help you be the best in 2017 and this blog is going to be the dispensary for that knowledge, skill, and training. I know what you are thinking “Jason, has this not been done like 2,000,000 times over by more well-known photographers?” To that I say, “you are right, but so what?” I am not being cocky, but I just have to state that the style of blog where I write about the musings of an aging expat photographer/English teacher is not the most original either. Thus, I want to push and challenge myself. I really want...

Goodbye 2016

By on Jan 1, 2017 in Blogs, Photography | 4 comments

  If you have read this blog for a while then you might have noticed that I didn’t post all that much in 2016. The truth was that I was busy and if you read my last post, you would have found out that I was not really in the best state of mind for much of the year. However, that does not mean that the year was all bad. There was actually quite a lot of good stuff that happened. This is what I am going to focus on here as this is the end of the year here in Korea and I am looking forward to a better and more happy 2017. The year started with me coming to terms with the passing of my best friends and mentor, Dave Harvey. I wrote about him near to the end of 2015 but it really started to hit me throughout 2016. I felt that this was one of my key struggles in 2016 as the sadness felt like an anchor to everything that I wanted to achieve. However, as time passed I knew that Dave...

How Photography Helped Me Overcome the Death of my Best Friend

By on Dec 28, 2016 in Photography | 4 comments

It was about this time last year when I got probably one of the worst messages of my life. As I wrote in my previous blog post about it, I got a message early in the morning telling me that my best friend had just lost his battle with cancer. My whole world fell apart. Pats on the back or likes on facebook didn’t help against the darkness that crept in late at night. I was defenseless against the multitude of negative emotions that confronted me. Anger, frustration, hopelessness, ripped me apart and left me broken. I lost the motivation to deal with or do anything. It was hard to find the beauty in a world that made me so angry and full of pain. For a personal such as myself, these feeling are dangerous. I slipped up and stumbled throughout 2016. When you have as much on the go as I do, you soon realize that you can stop or you will pay the price. I am not just a photographer. I...

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